About KaliRenea Kakes

KaliRenea KaKes, also known as ‘KR KaKes’, was born in 2011. Porsche Hardin and Kourtney Monroe raised KR KaKes, so that they may lead many ‘Sugar Babies’ to the path of whimsical, yet elegant desserts. As self-taught bakers, and certified by the “Wilton Method Courses” they take pride in creating desserts from scratch with an abundance of love and passion.

KR KaKes is not a typical bakery, but instead a ‘Dessert Catering Company’. Our goal is to create “That Tingling Satisfaction In Your Bellies”, and to provide a variety of tasty desserts for any occasion. We specialize in our delectable ‘KupKaKes’, however, we understand our ‘Sugar Babies’ need options; therefore, KR KaKes offers a range of different flavors, gluten-free, and vegan desserts. Our ‘KaKes, CheeseKaKes, & Pies’, ‘Brownies, Blondies, & KooKies’, as well as ‘KRK Treats’ are also great options for business meetings, holidays, or special occasions. All treats can be specially ordered upon request through www.krkakes.com or www.krkakes.biz

Our desserts are made to bring smiles upon our ‘Sugar Babies’ faces, and so is our service. In exuding excellent service, KR KaKes, also provides set-up and delivery of all desserts. ‘Dessert Hour’ is the grand finale of any event, and we want to help create that magical moment!

All that is left to do is give us a call!!!